Kate Brown

Kate Brown started out as a city girl from Tampa, Florida. In 1978, on a visit to see her life-long friend in the mountains of Tennessee, she fell in love with the woods, woodstoves, snow, wildlife, and the simple small-town lifestyle that she came to call home.

She wrote a poem for her daughter in 1967 entitled "Skeetle-The-Beetle." Throughout the years it became "The Adventures of Skeetle-The-Beetle” and then "Sassafras Tales" because there were so many stories to write. There are three books so far, The United Acres of Sassafras, The Book of Nice, and Firey Lizard Cove.

Each story has morals about the qualities of honesty, kindness, friendship, and forgiveness. When Kate read the stories to three of her grandchildren around the kitchen table, they each had colored pencils and paper to help develop the colorful, whimsical characters.

She lives in Deep Woods near Chattanooga / Nashville, Tennessee, where the wonders of nature inspire her to create these magical Sassafras Tales. The stories are full of fun and adventure that always end up with the characters doing the right thing. Even though some of the characters are greedy, selfish, and mean, kindness prevails. Skeetle-The-Beetle, Duke-The-Chameleon, Queeny-The-Mouse, Hezzra-The-Centipede, Winter-The-Black-Widow-Spider, Ms. Persnickety Fox, Firey Lizard even Tal-wees learn lessons of kindness.

I hope you enjoy Sassafras Tales.